Seasonal Program

New Student Registration
New students must register in person, as we need to make sure you have arrived in Taiwan. You will have to take the placement test in order for us to assign you to a class that best suits your level.
Term New Student Registration Date* Orientation Date Frist Day of Class Late Registration Deadline
2024 Summer Term May 22, 23 Jun. 03 Jun. 04 May. 31
2024 Summer Session Jun. 19, 20 Jul. 01 Jul. 02 Jun. 28
2024 Fall Term Aug. 26, 27 Sep. 02 Sep. 03 Aug. 30
2024 Winter Term Nov. 25, 26 Dec. 02 Dec. 03 Nov. 29
Late Registration:
  1. MTC still registers students before the registration deadline. However, MTC will charge a late registration fee of NT$1,000 for applicants who register after the new student registration dates.
  2. Your class choices may be more limited due to late registration. You may not be able to select the class times and class type you prefer. If you are interested in taking the intensive class, we urge you to register as early as possible as the seats for intensive classes are limited.
  3. MTC stops registering students after the registration deadline.
1.Who need to take the placement test? How the test is administered?

All of the new students must take the placement test. The test consists of two parts:

(1) Part 1. Survey of Student’s Language Background: whether you have learned Chinese before, all the new students must fill this form online.

(2) Part2. Listening and Reading Test: the online test system will give you test level suggestion after completing Part 1.

2.Can I take the test online anytime?
No, you can only take the test online during the specific period. However, the online test system will be available one month prior to the registration days.
3.When should I complete the placement test online? How do I get the result?
Please complete the test no later than one week prior to the registration days. You will get your result right after completing the test. Please write down your grade and tell us when you register.
4. What level of test paper should I take?
After completing the Part I— Survey of Student’s Language Background, we will suggest you what level of test paper you should take (or inform you that you don’t need to take the test) based on your learning hours.
Learning hours Suggestion
Under 30 hours No need to take the test
30-200 hours TEST 1
201-400 hours TEST 2
Over 400 hours TEST 3

5. How long does the test take?
It depends on the level of the test paper:
TEST LEVEL Listening Reading
TEST 1 30 mins. 30 mins.
TEST 2 30 mins. 35 mins.
TEST 3 40 mins. 45 mins.
6. Can I study for the test? How should I prepare for it?
You don’t need to study for the test in advance.
7. Can I select my class after I have my test score?
You cannot select your class after taking the test. This score is used as a reference when our teachers make suggestions for your classes. We will assign you a suitable class based on your interview result, test score, and your class time preference.
Orientation sessions are held to welcome and introduce new students to MTC classes, rules, facilities; the NTNU campus and visa information.


  1. Bring your MTC student card with you, in order to pick up your class schedule before starting class the next day.
  2. After the orientation session, our student volunteers from all around the world will give new students a guided tour of each floor of the MTC building and answer your questions.
  3. You can buy your textbooks on the seventh floor on orientation day.