Seasonal Program

  • Spring Term

    Spring TermMar.~May

  • Summer Term

    Summer TermJun.~Aug.

  • Fall Term

    Fall TermSep.~Nov.

  • Winter Term

    Winter TermDec.~Feb.

4 Types of seasonal program

Type Hours of a week Student number Tuition (NTD)
Regular class A 15 hours Multi-task language training courses. 6-10 students. 29,100
Regular class B 13-20 students. 21,600
Intensive class A 15 hours language class a week. 6-9 students. 39,600
Intensive class B 13-20 students. 28,800

  1. Regular Class: 15 hours of instruction per week, including 10 hours of language class and 5 hours of Multi-task language training courses.
  2. New students must register in person, as we need to make sure you have arrived in Taiwan. You will also have to take the placement test upon registration for us to assign you to a class that best suits your level.
  3. MTC recommends students arrive 1-2 weeks before the class starts, so as to register on the scheduled new student registration dates, and to familiarize themselves with the different culture and environment.
  4. A minimum number of 13 students must be enrolled in that class in order for Class B to open. If the Class B is unable to open, students who selected the Class B will be automatically moved to Class A and will be requested to pay the tuition difference.
  5. Regular class B 08:10-10:00 ; Intensive class B 14:20-17:00

Class Dates and Application Deadlines

Term Class Dates Application Deadlines
2024 Summer Term 2024/06/04 ~ 2024/08/22 2024/04/15
2024 Fall Term 2024/09/03 ~ 2024/11/22 2024/07/15
2024 Winter Term 2024/12/03 ~ 2025/02/27 2024/10/15

A Two-Month Summer Session Program from July to August

Term Class Dates Application Deadlines
2024 Summer Session 2024/07/02 ~ 2024/08/22 2024/05/15
  1. Various

    A wide range of levels available

    Classes at MTC are divided into 9 levels, from beginner’s level to an advanced level. Students will take a placement test before school begins for us to assign them to the class that best suits their levels. All classes are taught in Chinese and use Mandarin Phonetic Symbols and Pinyin for pronunciation. We put emphasis on all four language skills, reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  1. Small

    Taught in small sized classes

    All classes are taught in small sizes, with 6 to 10 students in each class. MTC also offers 1-on-1 and 2-4 people classes. Please contact us if you are interested in the 1-on-1 or 2-4 people classes.
  1. Tutor

    Academic Counseling

    1. Large Language Class: During the first and the second week of each quarter, pronunciation and Chinese racial classes are held to help students learn Mandarin phonetic symbols and pronunciation, and to become familiar with Chinese characters, radical, stroke order, and cultural meanings.
      From the first to the last week of each quater, large language classes in various subjects are also available, such as Chinese Movies, Classical Poetry Appreciation, Interviews in Chinese, Chinese for food & drink, and Learning Chinese from Chinese Medicine(actual class schedules are posted when each quarter begins,) to help students learn Chinese usage in different areas.
    2. 1-on-1 Academic Counseling: If students have any questions during their studies, they can go to the on-duty teacher at the library whenever they have a question.
  1. Teaching

    Various Choices of Textbooks

    MTC uses a wide variety of textbooks for students of different levels and learning interests. Courses on Chinese newspaper reading, radio and television programs are also available. Many classes use audio-visual multimedia materials to make the class more vivid and interesting.
  1. culture

    Culture Classes

    For students interested in Chinese culture or further improving their Chinese proficiency or pronunciation, MTC also offers elective culture classes of various topics (fees apply), including cuisine, calligraphy, Chinese painting, kung-fu, etc.
    Class schedules and information are available at the beginning of each term. Registration period is the first week of each term.

Level Course Content
Basic Chinese 101~402
  • Pronunciation and basic oral drills
  • Introduction to basic Chinese  grammar 
  • Introduction to Chinese characters
  • Basic vocabulary building
  • Basic composition writing
Intermediate Chinese 501~802
  • Business Chinese
  • Comparison of cultures
  • Introduction to geography, customs and culture of Taiwan and China
  • Study of Chinese arts, legends, tales, slang, and idioms, etc. 
Advanced Chinese 901~909
  • Study of ancient Chinese stories
  • Introduction to classical Chinese
  • Introduction to Chinese fiction, prose, poetry, magazines and newspapers, and contemporary Taiwanese short stories, etc.
  • Study of TV news broadcasts
  • History of Chinese literature
  • Introduction to Chinese thoughts and society