MTC Online


1. How do I register? And how do I take my classes?
All procedures for MTC online can be completed via the website. Just registerhereand complete payment for the courses online using a credit card. Classes are also accessed by logging on via the website.
2. What course material does MTC online use? Do I need to any books beforehand?
No need. We will e-mail the course material to the teacher before class starts, you will not need to buy any books. Of course, if you already own any of MTC's or other learning materials and want to learn from them, then please feel free to e-mail us to discuss your selection.
3. What do I need to prepare before starting class?
Any Desktop/ Laptop/ Tablet/ Smartphone with a compatible operating system, and access to the internet. A set of headphones and microphone, and a webcam(not essential).
4. How do I operate the online platform? Also how does the teacher know my Chinese level?
We will organize an "Initial consultation" before your first class (Don't worry, this does not get deducted from course hours). We will guide you and draw from your experience, and have your teacher discuss with you online in order to evaluate your Chinese level, and also confirm your class schedule. This process generally only takes approx 30mins.
5. Will I be able to take vacation and/or adjust my schedule in case something comes up in the future?
Our system will send you notifications to remind you about your class one day in advance. If you need to take vacation, you only need to give us 24 hours notice, either by logging into the system and completing the process for applying for vacation or by directly e-mailing the office. If you require more detailed information, please read the Service Guidelines.