MTC Online

  • Step 1. Sign up & fill out the survey
    Apply online before deadline, and fill out the class preference survey

  • Step 2. Take the online placement test
    We will place you in a suitable class based on placement test result
  • Step 3. Purchase class
    You can start purchasing class and make payment after log in. Payment can be made easily online with credit cards

  • Step 4. Pre-class meeting
    We will hold an interview with you before your class begins to teach you how to use the platform and have a student- teacher meeting. Our service personnel will guide you how online class is conducted so that you can be familiar with the real-time teaching platform.
    ① Confirm devices needed for the class
    ② Familiar with the function of online class platform
    ③ Meet with your teacher
    ④ Confirm class times
  • Step 5. Class begins
    After the pre-class meeting, we will set up the class schedule for you so that your class can begin shortly.
    ① Add your class according to your class schedule
    ② Set up your class schedule
    ③ Click on “Go to Class”
    ④ Class begins