MTC Signature Summer Program

Announcement: Extension of deadline for application to the Signature Summer Program

Application for the Signature Summer Program is extended to April 1. We encourage all interested candidates to apply.

Insurance Notice in line with Taiwan CDC’s COVID quarantine Policy

Following regulations from the MOE, all foreign students shall purchase COVID-19-related medical insurance and carry it with them upon arrival. The Group Accident Insurance for program participants does not cover any COVID-19-related medical treatments and expenses in Taiwan.

Taiwan Government announcement:

CECC explains its plan to require non-R.O.C. nationals without NHI cards who are diagnosed with COVID-19 in Taiwan to pay their medical costs during their isolation period themselves starting January 1, 2023

Publish Time:2022-12-05

On December 5, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that, in consideration of a steady increase in the number of inbound travelers, it plans to adjust the eligibility criteria for the government's program to cover the medical expenses of people diagnosed with COVID-19 during their isolation period (based on the nationality/National Health Insurance status at the time of diagnosis). The adjustments about eligibility, which will take effect on January 1, 2023, are listed below.

A. The government will cover the medical expenses related to isolation and treatment of R.O.C. nationals (regardless of NHI status), non-R.O.C. nationals enrolled in the NHI program, and employed foreign nationals in Taiwan (including blue-collar foreign workers, white-collar foreign workers, missing foreign workers, and foreign fishermen employed by domestic entities) during their isolation period.

B. Non-R.O.C. nationals not enrolled in the NHI program should pay their medical expenses during their isolation period if they are diagnosed with COVID-19 in Taiwan.


MOFA to adjust entry regulations for foreign nationals in accordance with CECC's relaxation of border control measures


Following an announcement by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), in addition to full reinstatement of visa-exempt entry scheme from September 29, nationals of countries that are not eligible for this scheme may apply for visas to enter Taiwan for the purposes of regular social visits and tourism, starting October 13. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) will adjust entry regulations for foreign visitors to Taiwan as follows:

1. Full reinstatement of specific visa regulations
Eligible foreign nationals may enter Taiwan on a landing visa, apply for an e-Visa in advance, or apply for a Travel Authorization Certificate for nationals from Southeast Asian countries from the National Immigration Agency (NIA) online application system. Applications from travelers on High-end Group Tourists from Southeast Asian countries (Project Kuan-Hong) will be accepted in accordance with the timeframe set by the competent authority—the Tourism Bureau.

2. Full reinstatement of regular visa application procedures
Foreign nationals may apply for a visa at a Republic of China (Taiwan) overseas mission based on their purpose of travel (including regular social visits and tourism) by submitting relevant documents.

For information on required documentation and other details for visa applications, please visit the Bureau of Consular Affairs website. Please check announcements on the NIA website regarding the online application system for Travel Authorization Certificates for nationals from Southeast Asian countries. In addition, a cap on the total number of arrivals remains in place and inbound passengers are still required to follow current CECC regulations.

You may check if you are eligible for Visa Exempt Entry Program at:

Benefits of being a student in the MTC Flagship Summer Program!

As a Flagship student at MTC, you will receive a student ID card which provides you with the access to NTNU library, as well as enables you to use the NTNU fitness center for free. Additionally, this ID card will get you a discount at on-campus shops and stores. More than these benefits, your student ID card is also a metro card (called as Easy card in Taiwan) and it can be used to pay for fares on public transportation, such as mass rapid transit system (MRT) and local buses, and for small-item purchases at convenience stores, shops, and restaurants. You can recharge your card at any MRT station or convenience store with ease. MTC locates in downtown Taipei which has the most convenient public transport around. There is 5-10 minute walking distance from 3 MRT stations and located along many bus routes. In addition to the convenient transportation network, there is Taipei’s version of New York City’s Central Park- DaAn Park nearby. You may enjoy a summer picnic on the green grass and then stroll along the lanes to the Shida Night Market and Yong Kang Street, where you can taste delicious Taiwanese cuisine, such as the world-renowned Xiaolongbao restaurant- Din Tai Fung.