Multi-task language training courses instruction


Multi-task language training courses instruction

普通班多元語文訓練課程說明(Multi-task language training courses(March) instruction):

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多元語文訓練課程課表(Multi-task language training courses schedule)

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English version:


Please log in Mymtc, and click "material" to watch the videos of "Mandarin Phonetics & Pronunciation Class" and "Introduction to Chinese Characters"


For Regular class students:

Regular class students need to fulfill both the “required hours” (from R504) and “other hours” (from R501 502 503 or 601 602).

We strongly encourage students of level Book I or II to attend the classes such as: Mandarin Phonetics & Pronunciation Class, Introduction to Chinese Characters, Chinese Conversation for Beginners at R504. 

However, if a student of level Book I or II has difficulty attending the above mentioned large classes, your teacher will assist you to count your extra hours from the “other hours” (from R501 502 503 or 601 602) to be your “required hours” at the end of the month.


In the following cases, the extra study hours can be obtained by submitting 6 photos to your teacher:For example: class notes, Chinese character practice, self-practice or teacher specified practice (please ask teacher )

1. Students entering Taiwan after 2/25.

2. Students who purchase a 6-month course at one time (arrive after April).

If you have any question, please mail to Ms Chen or call 886-7749-5129