2017 Chinese Speech Competition


2017 Chinese Speech Competition

Ø  Goal:

1.      Improve students’ Chinese proficiency and enhance their ability to express themselves in Chinese.

2.      Select and train foreign students who have potentials in making Chinese speeches to represent NTNU to compete in national speech contests.

*All contestants of MTC Chinese Speech Competition will have a chance to win 20-hours’ free course of “1-on-1 tutoring of oral expression.”      

Ø  Date: September 29th, 2017 (Friday) 2:30-5:30 PM

Ø  Location: R504

Ø  Qualification of Contestants: MTC students or NTNU international students

* If contestants are Chinese heritage students, please sign up for Chinese Narrating and Singing Art Competition

Ø  Application Deadline: now – September 22th.  Please sign up in R601.

Ø  Speech Topic (please select one topic from below):

1.     The Taste(Experience) of Happiness in Taiwan(在臺灣的幸福滋味)

2.  Confidence and Humbleness(自信與謙虛)

3.     The Revelation of Nature(大自然的啟示)

4.     Small things make big impact(小事情,大影響)

5.     Take Responsibility for your Own Decisions(為自己的決定負責)

Ø  The grading standards:

1.      Content: 40%, Expression: 30%, Posture: 20%, Time-control: 10%

2.      The time limit is 4-5 minutes. The bell will be rung once when the speech reaches 4 minutes, rung twice at 5 minutes. If the speech surpasses 6 minutes, the bell will be rung three times and one point will be deducted for every additional minute over the time limit.

Ø  Prizes: Top 5 winners are awarded when 25 or more contestants entered in the competition. Top 4 winners are awarded when less than 25 contestants entered in the competition.

1st Place: 6,000 NTD, an award certificate and a medal

2nd Place: 4,000 NTD, an award certificate and a medal

3rd Place: 3,000 NTD and an award certificate and a medal

Consolation Prize1 or 2 winners. A MTC souvenir and an award certificate will be awarded.

Ø  Notes:

Deposit: NT$200 (will be returned upon attending the competition)

Contestants should arrive at R504 before 14:10 p.m. on Sep. 29th to receive number cards to decide the order of their performance.

The cash prizes listed above will be taxed up to 20% according to tax regulations for foreigners in Taiwan

In the interest of fairness, contestants may not use the school presentation aids, such as computers, projectors, mobile devices, Power points, etc.

Winners of the competition must represent NTNU to compete in national speech contests. If winning students cannot represent NTNU, their awards will be forfeited.

The competition has no level requirements. 3 hour’ supplementary hours are given to students who enter the contests. All MTC students are welcome to join.

2 hours’ supplementary hours are given to students who watch the competition. Welcome to cheer for the contestants on September 29th.