2018 Chinese Speech Competition


2018 Chinese Speech Competition

2018 Chinese Speech Competition

Ø Goal:

1.     Improve students’ Chinese proficiency and enhance their ability to express themselves in Chinese.

2.     Select and train foreign students who have potentials in making Chinese speeches to represent NTNU to compete in national speech contests.

*All contestants of MTC Chinese Speech Competition have a chance to be selected by our MTC teachers to win free “1-on-1 tutoring of oral expression” course after the competition.

Ø  Date: September 28th, 2018 (Friday) 13:30-17:30 PM

Ø  Location: R504

Ø  Qualification of Contestants: MTC students or NTNU international students

Ø  Application Deadline: now – September 21th.  Please sign up in R601.

Ø  Speech Topic (please select one topic from below):

1.     Thanks to the Benefactors in My Life

2.  Discussing from A Current Event

3.     Free and Self-regulation

4.     The Ability of Conversion Pressure

5.     The Courage to Humble Oneself

Ø  The grading standards:

1.     Content: 35%,  Expressing emotion: 20%,  Word expression: 15%,  Posture: 20%, Time-control: 10%

2.      The time limit is 4-5 minutes. The bell will be rung once when the speech reaches 4 minutes, rung twice at 5 minutes. If the speech surpasses 6 minutes, the bell will be rung three times and one point will be deducted for every additional minute over the time limit.

Ø  Prizes: Top 3 winners are awarded when 25 or more contestants entered in the competition. Top 2 winners are awarded when less than 25 contestants entered in the competition.

1st Place: 6,000 NTD, an award certificate and a medal

2nd Place: 3,000 NTD, an award certificate and a medal

3rd Place: 2,000 NTD and an award certificate and a medal

Consolation Prize(1 or 2 winners): 1,000 NTD and an award certificate

Ø  Notes:

1.     Deposit: NT$200 (will be returned upon attending the competition)

2.     Contestants should arrive at R504 before 13:10 p.m. on Sep. 28th to receive number cards to decide the order of their performance.

3.     The cash prizes listed above will be taxed up to 20% according to tax regulations for foreigners in Taiwan

4.     In the interest of fairness, contestants may not use the school presentation aids, such as computers, projectors, mobile devices, Power points, etc.

5.     Winners of the competition must represent NTNU to compete in national speech contests. If winning students cannot represent NTNU, their awards will be forfeited.

6.     The competition has no level requirements. 3 hour’ supplementary hours are given to students who enter the contests. All MTC students are welcome to join.

7.     2 hours’ supplementary hours are given to students who watch the competition. Welcome to cheer for the contestants on September 28th.

2018 MTC華語演講比賽

Ø  目的:

1.     提昇外籍學員的中文程度,加強學生中文演說表達能力。

2.     選拔並培訓具華語演講潛力之外籍學生,代表師大參加校外演講比賽。


Ø  比賽日期:2018928(星期五) 下午130~530

Ø  比賽地點:504演講廳

Ø  參賽資格:師大國語中心學員或師大外籍學生

Ø  報名日期:即日起~921日。請至601辦公室報名。

Ø  演講題目:(請任選一題)

1. 感謝生命中的貴人

2. 從一則時事談起

3. 自由與自律

4. 轉化壓力真功夫

5. 放下身段的勇氣


Ø  評分標準:

1.     內容35%,情意20% 詞語表達15% 儀態20% ,時間10%

2.     演講時間為4-5分鐘。演講至4分鐘時按鈴1次,至5分鐘時按鈴2次,至6分鐘時按鈴3次,開始扣分。而後每超過1分鐘扣總分1分。


Ø  獎勵:報名人數25位以上,錄取前3名,若低於25位則錄取前2名。






Ø  備註:

1.      報名時請繳交保證金NT200元,報名後如未參加活動恕不退還。

2.      參賽者請於比賽當天13:10抵達504會場辦理報到並領取上台號碼牌。

3.      以上所得獎金將依照外國人所得辦法依法扣繳20%所得稅。

4.      比賽不得使用投影、數位設備、PPT等以示公平。

5.      得獎學生須代表師大參加校外演講比賽,如得獎者無法參加,將取消其獎金資格。

6.      本次比賽不分中文程度,參加比賽同學可登錄語言輔助課時數3小時,歡迎所有學員參賽。

7.      當天觀賽同學可登錄語言輔助課時數2小時,歡迎所有同學來為參賽者加油。