Flagship Summer Program

MTC’s intensive program is tailored for Flagship students to enhance proficiency in all aspects of the Chinese language in a condensed period within 8 weeks

The 8 weeks program includes 20 hours of Intensive Language Training per week, Monday through Friday. The daily schedule alternates between Class Lectures and Drill Classes to enhance and maximize language learning. 1-1 Personalized Training is included daily to cater to student needs.
For an immersive experience, the program also includes educational experiences such as cultural excursions, cultural classes, professional seminars, company visits, local outings (e.g. Chinese Table Activity), and language partner activities.
Our courses and activities are primarily conducted in Chinese, and the design of our program requires students to be proactive and take the initiative to participate in all activities.
We are committed to providing a proficiency-based learning environment for Flagship students to achieve the goal of enhancing Chinese language proficiency and cultivating cultural competence.

Sample Weekly Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:10-10:00 Class Lecture 9:00-11:30
Weekly Exam
10:10-11:00 Class Lecture + Drill Class
11:10-12:00 Drill Class
1-1 Class 14:00-16:00
Co-Curricular Activity
Extracurricular Activity(e.g. Chinese Table Activity)
*The class time is subject to change. The official schedule will be announced when the program starts. MTC has the right to adjust the schedule when faced with weather irregularities, natural disasters, and uncontrollable factors, which may affect the safety of the students during their stay at MTC.


Flagship students with Chinese overall proficiency level at or above the intermediate-mid level. MTC’s class levels cover from Intermediate-mid to Advanced level.</>

Proficiency Target

Improve Chinese proficiency level at least one sub-level & Develop cultural competence.

Tuition Fees: NT$148,500

Fee Amount Payment Deadline (Taiwan Time)
Non-Refundable Enrollment Deposit NT$15,000 April 15
Tuition balance NT$133,500 June 10

Important Notes

All tuition fees are charged in New Taiwan Dollars (TWD) by credit card. The enrollment deposit will be credited against the total tuition fee.
  1. The fee includes textbooks, handouts, field trips, culture classes, professional seminars, company visits, service fee of NTNU fitness center, access fee of NTNU library, and accident insurance.
  2. The fee excludes international airfare, housing, daily meals, and the costs (meals, tickets, and transportation) of Chinese Table Activity and Language Partner Activity, and the relevant costs of COVID-19 quarantine.
  3. The costs (meals, tickets, and transportation) of Chinese Table Activity and Language Partner Activity are NOT included in the tuition fee. Students are expected to prepare at least US$200 for Language Partner Activity and Chinese Table Activity.
  4. If the program is canceled due to low enrollment or other uncontrollable factors, MTC will notify the participants via email and/or website announcement and refund the whole tuition fee (including the non-refundable Enrollment Deposit) to the participants.

Program Calendar

Flagship Summer Program
1/3-3/17 Application Period
3/22 Admission Announcement
3/25-4/15 Payment period – Deposit
4/18-6/10 Payment period – Tuition
6/15-6/16 Suggested Arrival Period
6/17 Orientation (tentative)
Program Period
6/18 First Day of Class
8/9 Last day of the Program: Final Presentation