TCSL Teacher Training Online Program

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Distance Teaching

Can be directly trained in the local area, no need to travel long distances

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Strong Line-up

The first-line teachers who have practical teaching experience in Taiwan and abroad.

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Theory & Practice

It accurately reflects the first-line teaching situation, quickly grasps the needs of students' learning, and absorbs the most Chinese teaching experience.

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Live learning and interaction

Synchronous learning enables learners to ask questions and receive answers straight away. Just like face-to-face learning.

Course Date

09th (Beginners): 3/9 ~ 5/11
10th (Advanced): 5/25 ~ 8/3
11th (Beginners): 6/24 ~ 7/19
12th (Beginners): 10/1 ~ 10/30
13th (Advanced): 11/11 ~ 12/19

Class Time

09th: Every Saturdays, 09:00~12:00; 13:30~16:30
10th: Every Saturdays, 09:00~12:00; 13:30~16:30
11th: Mon. ~ Thur. 09:00~12:00
12th: Mon. ~ Thur., 18:00~21:00
13th: Mon. ~ Thur., 18:00~21:00
(local time in Taiwan)

Application Deadline

09th: February 2
10th: April 25
11th: May 24
12th: September 1
13th: October 11



Beginners Level
1. Tuition fee: NT$ 21,500
2. Registration fee: NT$ 500

Advanced Level
1. Tuition fee: NT$ 21,500
2. Registration fee: NT$ 500

● 10%-off of tuition fee for NTNU students, staffs, and alumni.
● 10%-off of tuition fee for signing up both levels.
● The above offers are not able to use at the same time.


Tel.: (+886) (02) 7734-5137


Office time: 9 am ~ 12 pm; 1:30 pm ~ 5 pm, Mon. ~ Fri., local time


Online Classroom
Any quite environment with stable internet is welcome.